At the moment we have four regular staff members and four to six volunteers depending on the scope of ongoing activities. In addition, based on our needs we hire experts on an honorary basis. Our office in the center of Bitola where we have premises of 200 m2 to implement our activities and provide space for civic initiatives coming from the local community.

Based on the aim of the association and fields of interest, we implement our mission through organizing educational training courses, exchanges/mobilities and volunteering opportunities locally and internationally. On a local level we promote civic engagement by supporting local initiatives coming from the citizens and other associations. We deliver our mission of providing non-formal education and expertise mainly through EU programs by maintaining close cooperation with a diverse range of institutions such as: non-profit organizations, primary schools, high schools, sport clubs, private companies, local and national institutions on local level. Also our organization has been part of formal and informal networks on national and international level.

We have experience and reousrces that we are puting on disposal to the other individuals, civic initiatives and non-profit organizations for free or on discounted prices so we can contrubute to the local community building.

To be more specific, our services include:

  • Staff support in running or mentoring individuals and organizations interested to run a projects
  • Delivering training courses customized based on the needs
  • Renting program space
  • Renting equipment such as: laptops, 3D printer, stands for promotional flags, etc.
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