Experiences from Youth Exchange “Green Voices of Europe”

In the period from December 2 to 10, 2022, a youth exchange was held in Lugo, Spain entitled “Green Voices of Europe”, the main topic of which was climate change and our impact on climate change. In addition to the five representatives from EKE Bitola Ivana Baltovska, Simona Velevska, Sime Gagovski, Blagoja Stojkov and Damjan Blazeski, 26 participants from Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Armenia and Spain participated in the exchange.

At this youth exchange, participants had the opportunity to learn more about climate change, detect problems and offer innovative solutions for climate change, and of course to gain a lot of new knowledge using digital tools that will be useful to them further in their private and professional lives.

These are just some of the statements of two of our participants who were part of this exchange, which we share with you in order to present the exchange to you.

  • “I would gladly participate again, youth exchanges are something that every young person should experience.” In this way, unforgettable memories and friendships are created that have the potential to last a lifetime.” – pointed out one of our participants, Blagoja Stojkov.
  • “The exchange was really useful. In addition to meeting many new people, we learned to work with many new digital tools, and the lectures were really useful,” says Ivana Baltovska, participant of the exchange.
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