“Quality of European Youth Work – It’s About You(th)!”

“Quality of European Youth Work – It’s About You(th)!”

Council of Europe Project

With the excellent and very successful programs implemented by various European institutions over the years the position and opportunities of young people have significantly improved giving them opportunities for mobility, meeting new people, new cultures, learning and mastering new skills and gaining new experiences. But does the responsibility for improving the lives of young people lie solely with their governments, the European Commission and the institutions? NO! In line with the EU Youth Strategy 2010-2018, the Declaration of the First European Convention on Youth Work and based on our previous experience, we believe that organizations in Europe dedicated to work with young people need to take the necessary steps to improve their capacity, review their previous work, learn from previous experiences and sincerely working to establish new and higher standards for their future work, thus having a greater impact on their communities, with a greater and longer lasting contribution to the quality and recognition of non-formal education and youth work in Europe for years to come.

With all this in mind, our goal was through this project to improve the capacities and enable the aspirations of organizations and institutions to be able to contribute and benefit from the implementation of projects of higher quality which will provide more opportunities and higher standards for non-formal education for young people in their communities and across Europe.

This project which was supported by the Council of Europe has been implemented by Center for the Study of Social Democracy as lead organization and project Coordinator along with the partner organizations from the Balkan region in the period 2015-2017.

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