Open Call for Training Course Digi-Youth-Alization

Open Call for Training Course Digi-Youth-Alization

Erasmus+ Training Course
17-25 November 2019 | Bitola, Macedonia

The digitalization of the world is setting up new methods for communication and work with our collaborators and target groups. The same applies for business sector and for non-profit organizations, both of them need to be transparent for what they are working on, and the results must be visible to the audience they are aimed for. The websites are basic channel for communication with the broaden audience but the social media skills are required if we want to be sure that our message is delivered to the specific target groups. That is why the social media strategy is important for the non-profit organizations especially those who work with youth.

Aims and objectives:
The main goal of the project is to identify the digital competence gap of the participants, providing them with the social media and digital tools and to facilitate to improve or updated their digital competences. With this project we intend to build digital competences and encourage implementing innovative practices in the digital youth work and to disseminate the knowledge from this project to their volunteers and young people with fewer opportunities. We will cover the Web Content Accessibility and Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) as an effort to improve the accessibility of the websites for people with disabilities.

The objectives for this course are:

  • To understand what is digital competence and digital competence framework and why that is important today
  • To gain digital competences needed for employment, personal development and social inclusion and enhance their skills for using different platforms
  • To build the capacity of their organizations in reaching target groups and stakeholders, and growing membership using various social media networks and digital tools
  • To build capacity of the youth workers for further dissemination of the knowledge to the volunteers and other members of their organization
  • To provide free digital tools and resources for digital youth work and non-formal education for non-profit organizations and young people with fewer opportunities
  • To extend the use and utilization of the social media and digital media tools in youth work for communication and organizational management
  • To empower the participants with skills to use digital tools for campaigns without or with low budget
  • To raise the awareness and increase the use of social media and digital media tools in detecting and solving problems in their community using different devices and visual storytelling
  • To learn techniques and skills for writing structured media advisory content and press release to generate publicity and visibility for their work and collecting press clipping
  • To understand what is Web Accessibility and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and how to improve inclusion of people with disabilities
  • To increase the transparency and visibility of the organization and disseminate the project results to a broader audience.

After this training, the participants will gain skills and knowledge for using digital tools, will build competencies needed in the digital era. The participants will understand the trend of ICT and how they can improve the performance in their work, saving time for technical activities and much more time for developing ideas and creative solutions for challenges in the work place or in the community in general. The practical knowledge from this training is directly related to the digital tools. After the training, they can recognize the need of their peers and can meet that needs using digital tools. The gained knowledge in using social media tools can be applied directly to the work of their organization while reaching target groups, partners, stakeholders or more efficiently disseminating the results from the projects. The tools and knowledge provided in the course will not just impact their digital competencies but it will initiate more active youth participation in the social and political processes in their communities.

Target Group:
25 Youth workers, Trainers, Youth leaders, Youth policy makers, Youth coaches from Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Italy, Republic of North Macedonia, Romania, Spain, Turkey and recommended for
The project intend to gather youth workers and volunteers, young people who want to work or be engaged in the work of youth organizations, young people with fewer opportunities who want to build their digital competencies and employable skills of other young people. We will ensure the diversity among the participants considering the previously acquired knowledge on the topic and experience. In that way the participants who have some advanced knowledge on the topic could help to the other participants easily understand the materials and lectures during the group work and sessions. We provide an opportunity for sharing knowledge and good practices among the participants, cohesion and team work spirit.

There is no participation fee.
Accommodation and meals will be provided by the organizers. Accommodation will be provided in shared rooms with shared bathroom.
Travel reimbursement: Travel tickets shall be bought only after agreement and confirmation with the organizers. Travel expenses to and from the venue will be reimbursed up to a maximum pre-agreed with the organizers. Maximum per country (per participant):
France 275€
Turkey 180€
Spain 275€
Italy 275€
Croatia 180€
Bulgaria 180€
Romania 180€
Macedonia 0€

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