Open Call for Training Course “Innovative Coaching makes the Difference”

Open Call for Training Course “Innovative Coaching makes the Difference”

Erasmus+ Training Course
02-11 July 2019 I Tusa, Italy

Innovative Coaching makes the Difference takes shape within a difficult economic climate of stagnated growth that affects global employment prospects. Due to recent global gloomy economic climate and job scarcity, young people are the hardest hit with unemployment in comparison with adults. For these reasons, the project tries to compensate this inequality of opportunities through capacity building by means of youth work and youth empowerment by develop youth workers’ coaching competences through the use of traditional games collected from all project’s countries as non-formal education tools.

The project seeks to boost the quality of youth work as a constructive response to youth integration, and participation in the labor market, as well as positive identity consolidation by means of personal guidance and work-orientation in order to help young NEETs reach their full potential and successfully enter the labor market in their countries.

Practical Information
The international travel costs are covered by the project according to the ERASMUS+ distance bands and they include the transport from the point of origin to the point of destination, up to a maximum set in the official Erasmus+ Programme Guide 2018. Board, lodging, all training materials training course are covered by the hosting organization, NEW HORIZONS during the 8 ​days of official Training activities in Tusa. Any extra travel, entertainment, or leisure trip outside the Training Agenda will be at your cost. For safety reason, you are in charge of arranging your own ​insurance ​for your travel and stay in Italy.

Participant Profiles
The participants (4+1 group leader) for exchange are young people from 18 years old and above coming from urban and rural areas in project countries (Italy, Macedonia, Bulgaria, India, Kenya, Vietnam) who have:

● Strong interest in the project, its theme, activity and methodology
● Proven work and volunteering experiences in community and youth movements
● The knowledge and ability to demonstrate their national traditional games
● Capacity and interest in multiplying the project’s results and methodology in their local community.

Priority will be given to certain participants to ensure the inclusion of participants of migrant or disadvantaged background, and gender balance.

For more information about the training course and logistics, please communicate with us via email.

More information about the project you can find here:

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