Review on “E-move your innerself” Training Course

Review on “E-move your innerself” Training Course

Erasmus+ Training Course
19-27 June 2019 | France

To bring you closer the impact of the training course on the participants we did a short interview with our participant from Bitola Olivera Velkovikj.

ECE: How did you find out about the training and what was the motive for applying?
Olivera: I found out about the training from Facebook, and the motive for applying was the topic of the training and the opportunity for personal development. Lately I have been exposed to more stress and that was a reason plus to apply.

ECE: Where was the training held and from which countries were there participants?
Olivera: The training was in Brittany, France and had participants from England, France, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, the Czech Republic, Spain and Armenia.

ECE: What was the topic of the training?
Olivera: Honestly, I still do not know what the topic was, ha ha ha…. The name of the training is the Mask of Conflict, with a great subtitle for Working with yourself, discovering your true self, living in the moment of the now and here.

ECE: What did you expect in the beginning?
Olivera: I expected a lot, and I got even more. Working on ourselves is an incredible journey to the center of the “earth”, more precisely to the center of what we are and experience ourselves as I am.

ECE: Was this your first such international experience and how would you describe it?
Olivera: Yes, this is my first international experience and I would just say words of praise. Organizationally, professionally, literally in every way. As I explained above, it was an amazing journey.

ECE: What did you learn in the training?
Olivera: I learned a lot, both for myself and for others. I learned how fragile we are, and at the same time infinitely strong, only if we are truly motivated. Working with yourself is an endless process that can be painful, but at the same time very wonderful and liberating. Working on yourself is a lasting value and investing in yourself and your own well-being. Without it there is no progress and that is a fact.

ECE: What left the biggest impression on you?
Olivera: Ohh… Tough question, from so many impressions. The diversity of people, and at the same time their similarity. Every person’s desire for peace of mind and finding balance in everything we do, consciously or unconsciously. Regardless of age, status, profession and the like. Everyone wants to be happy, right? And at the same time the way we suffer…. It is literally exactly the same for all of us. There is a different way of masking that suffering. Only that.

ECE: How will you apply the experience gained?
Olivera: I’m still thinking, ha, ha… In any case, changes are already happening, first of all for me personally, and that results in a change in the interaction with others. I started to apply the experience in the yoga classes that are now held in the park. I have some plans, but for that, sometimes later on in the future.

ECE: Would you recommend this experience to others?
Olivera: Ooh Yes. Without exception. EVERYONE. Everyone deserves to be a part of such an amazing experience.

>>> More about the training course, background information, aims and objectives find here:

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