Review on MANAS (Music and Nature Around the Sound) Training Course

Review on MANAS (Music and Nature Around the Sound) Training Course

Erasmus+ Training Course
18-26 January 2020 I Tusa, Italy

The international project “MANAS” aimed to empower 25 youth workers from Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Portugal, Turkey, Greece, Romania and Spain in their personal growth, through artistic expression such as spontaneous singing, free movement and group meditations, to give them innovative tools to share, develop and reproduce in their realities with their target groups. 

According to statistics, 6% of the European population over 16 years feel lonely. Among the factors causing this feeling are distinguished unemployment, economic problems and lack of confidence of young people in the possibility of achieving their goals. The consequences of this situation can be found in the workplace, in communication with young people and with partner organizations. These considerations have brought 9 partners from 9 different countries to the design of a project that supports the personal growth of the individual in an intercultural context, acquiring innovative methods and tools to include music in non formal education, the rediscovery of authentic bonds with oneself, with others and with the world, creating free expression in the form of music and movement, to the sharing of emotions, feelings and fears within one group. 

In addition, photo gallery from the trainng course

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