Project approved: Erasmus+ Sport “Sport@Street”

Project approved: Erasmus+ Sport “Sport@Street”

EACEA, Erasmus+ Sport
Small Collaborative Partnerships in the field of Sports

We have good news!
In the following 2 years along with our partners from Bulgaria, Italy, Latvia and The Netherlands, we will work on the Erasmus+ Sport project “Sport@Street”.

“Street Workout” is a movement based on exercises by using public facilities, such as equipment in schoolyards or park. The “Street Workout” movement supports healthy lifestyle through readily available and financially inexpensive means. Thanks to Internet, this sporting discipline is quickly spread throughout the world and Europe especially among young people in urban areas because it’s new and financially inexpensive. Street workout is constantly gaining recognition and popularity worldwide, especially among the young people as a social movement and as democratic sporting activity. “Street Workout” is also known as ”Ghetto Workout” because of its origin from the ghetto areas in New York.

Aims and Objectives
The project is opportunity for innovation and reflection to respond the need to deal with the risk of permanent exclusion of young people from underdeveloped areas. The main objective of Sport@Street project is to enhance the social inclusion of young people from deprived urban areas. The project will carry the following aims:

  • Increasing the social inclusion and empowerment of disadvanteged youth, promoting the participation of  youth in sport activities by developing and piloting of an innovative and sustainable model along with the necessary reference tools and materials that can be implemented by non-governmental organizations;
  • Promoting the “Street Workout” as healthy lifestyle and engage young people through improved street workout training infrastructure;
  • Providing to the young people a real opportunity for improving their physical condition and have chance to socialize with other young people complementing each other, fostering their independence without command of trainers/teachers;
  • Promoting structured cooperation between organizations active in the field of sport which also work with people with fewer opportunities and fostering the empowerment of these bodies by providing new opportunities for the involvement in sports activities and Non-Formal Education of young people in situations of disadvantage;
  • Advancing networking in the field of sport and exchange of best practices among organisations that have experience in Erasmus+ Program and Street Workout organizations who have experience in Street Workout;
  • Promoting the development of long-term high quality partnerships and proposals in the Erasmus+ Programme framework for organizations active at European level in the field of youth, education and sport.

Project Activities, Outputs & Time Frame:
01-Preparatory online meeting 2021-01
02-Mobility.1 – Kick-off meeting in Tusa (Italy) – March 2021
03-Mobility.2 Study Visit in Poti (Georgia) – June 2021
04-Street Workout Local Workshops – July/September 2021
05-Mobility.3 Seminar in Bitola (N.Macedonia) – to be decided
06-Mobility.4 Study Visit in Ogre (Latvia) – October 2021
07-Preparation of Training Modules and Courses in Street Workout – November/December 2021
08-Street Workout Training Course for Local Staff – January/March 2022
09-Mobility.5 Seminar in Sofia (Bulgaria) – to be decided
10-Street Workout Local Workshops – January/May 2022
11-Street Workout Training Course for Local Staff – May/June 2022
12-At the end of the project as Intellectual Output we plan to produce a “Guidebook on social inclusion of youth and sport – July/December 2022