Review on “The Power of Communication” (Part 2) Training Course

Review on “The Power of Communication” (Part 2) Training Course

Erasmus+ Training Course
02-10 February 2020 I Reims, France

The objective of the training course that we followed thrughout the event was through conversation to reach a common understanding about what is effective communication and its role in the educational process and how communication is related to human rights and human dignity, and this skills in the field of competence “significant communication with others” to be developed.

Intercultural communication skills in different environments were studied. The specifics of the communication process in different dimensions were perceived, such as: educator-young people, educator-educator, educator-institution (organization) as well as strategies for encouraging an effective communication process.

After completing the training course in accordance with the expectations, our participants believed that they know how to greatly change the way of working and make the process of communication in their educational practice more meaningful, respecting young people with whom they can clearly express thoughts and emotions, active listening, compassionate, aware of diversity and aware of identity issues. We believe that participants will promote these values ​​in communication with young people in order to promote diversity, intercultural and interreligious communication and dialogue, shared values ​​of freedom, tolerance and respect of human rights.

Our organization EKE Bitola was represented by the three participants following the first part of the training course.

In addition, photo gallery from the trainng course

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