Project approved: Erasmus+ Youth Exchange “Be the Change – Make Your Life Sustainable”

Project approved: Erasmus+ Youth Exchange “Be the Change – Make Your Life Sustainable”

Erasmus+ Youth Exchange

We begin the year with good news!
This year along with our partners from Bulgaria, Greece, Italy we will work on the Erasmus+ project “Be the Change – Make Your Life Sustainable”.

Sustainable development is not just a new way of thinking or only a way of behavior, but it is a new movement, a new philosophy and a new hope. The exploitation of natural resources becomes more and more apparent every day and has a greater effect on our lives. If we do not do something, it will continue to show bad effects on many future generations. Promotion of sustainable development should concern each and every one of us in our daily life. All of our actions, our habits and our behaviours have an immediate impact on the preservation of our environment and on the sustainable development of our societies and humanity as a whole. We are old enough to have experienced the negative aspects of an uncontrolled free market and also young enough to be able to plan a better future for all humankind, with a great dose of enthusiasm that might be lacking in the older generations.

We set out to tackle a big issue, and to do it the only way possible – through personal development. We believe that with this youth exchange, implemented activities will encourage young people to join and contribute to the dialogues and decisions on sustainable future of European societies, share one week with other young Europeans with different backgrounds and with a common interest in SUSTAINABILITY. We will learn how different aspects of climate change are influencing each other. Participants will be involved into discussion and creation of sustainable living solutions for European societies. Though this seven days young people will make new friendships through adventures, experiences, challenges, lessons and memories.

The topics we’re going to tackle are:

  • Sustainability in many aspects such as: food, transport, fashion, architecture.
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Environment and climate change
  • Well-being
  • Human rights and
  • Active European citizenship.

According to our experience and international studies, international youth projects for most address personal development of individuals. Most impact can be achieved by enabling young people to gain experiences away from their conventional spaces, cultures and languages. This project aims at providing environment for young people to expose themselves into new languages, get new contacts with new habits and customs, but most of all into an environment, where self-reflection is most efficient. We therefore enable this stretch space within nature where self-confidence can be increased through activities that influence ones ownership of processes.

For further details, stay tuned via EKE Bitola social media or reach us directly via e-mail.

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